If you’ve been searching for a one-of-a-kind dolphin adventure in Panama City Beach, Florida, look no further than Dolphin Seafari. Our safe, exciting, and unforgettable dolphin tours are the perfect water excursion for guests of all ages. Highly trained guides will ensure that your trip is full of exciting, memorable, and educational moments that you and your family will love.


When you’re ready to take the next step, it’s easy to reserve your dolphin adventure with us! We offer convenient options to book online through our website and quickly over the phone. 


To learn more about what to expect when you book your tour, check out the resources below.


Booking a Seafari Reservation Online 


Reserving a spot on our next dolphin seafari adventure is simple to do right from your laptop, computer, or mobile device. To learn more about the complete experience we offer, visit our Snorkel Tours page to see highlights, tour comparisons, and a list of common FAQs. 


Once you’ve selected the tour or rental option that’s right for your vacation goals, simply click the bright green “Book Now” button in the upper right corner of the site. 


After Booking Online


After you follow the prompts and set up your online reservation through the secure portal, here’s what you can expect from the Dolphin Seafari team:


  1. You’ll receive a follow-up text message from your booking agent’s personal cell number.
  2. This welcome text message will contain all of the details of your dolphin seafari trip or your pontoon boat rental. (It’s a good idea to save this message in your text inbox!)
  3. You’ll receive information like the address link for the meetup location, the list of materials we provide, what you may bring with you on the dolphin snorkel tour, how soon you should arrive, and a direct contact for any questions prior to your trip.

Booking a Seafari Reservation by Phone


To set up a reservation over the phone, please call (850) 358-1013. 


Panama City Dolphin Seafari Tours takes great pride in the customer care we offer over the phone, which means that we will thoroughly discuss all details and answer any questions you may have. As part of your vacation experience, we’re committed to helping you feel prepared and excited.

After Booking by Phone


Once you call to book a tour, our staff will discuss a detailed weather plan with you. 


As a general rule, we always encourage guests to book towards the beginning of a vacation instead of at the end of a trip. This ensures that we have an opportunity to watch the forecast as tour dates approach. If we see that there is a better scheduling option based on the forecast, we will contact you to discuss rescheduling to avoid inclement weather.


We will then provide you with the following details:


  • What items we provide on site and what items you may bring with you
  • How we handle equipment sanitization
  • What to expect in terms of typical dolphin behavior throughout the adventure
  • What age groups each tour is appropriate for (and how we will accommodate each one)
  • What kinds of sea life and seashells you can expect to see or collect
  • How to plan for trips to the restroom during the tour
  • What is the best time of day to suit your family or group
  • The amount of time spent for each activity
  • Solutions for those who may become seasick
  • Recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, family activities, and more


As you can see, we not only prioritize your time with us at Dolphin Seafari, but we work diligently to ensure that you enjoy your time in Panama City Beach!

What’s Due at the Time of Booking a Dolphin Tour?


Pod of wild bottlenose dolphins


When you make your reservation with Panama City Dolphin Seafari Tours, we require a deposit to reserve your tour date and time. This deposit is applied towards the total cost of your trip, and you can expect to pay the remaining balance on the day of your adventure. This payment process allows different parties to pay separately or pay with cash before boarding the seafari boat. 

Will My Trip Be Cancelled Due to Weather?


If we have inclement weather on the day of your tour and rescheduling is not an option for your vacation timeline, our team will refund your deposit in full. If you decide to cancel prior to your tour, we kindly ask that you provide a 24-hour notice of your cancellation in order to receive a full refund of your deposit. Canceling on the day of your tour may result in the loss of your deposit.

What Information Do You Need for the Tour?


Once we have completed a reservation, guests will receive an email or text confirmation that contains the exact arrival location on the designated tour date. This message will also contain a recap of the details that have been previously discussed, including what guests may bring and what is provided by Dolphin Seafari. 


If you aren’t sure where to go or need help finding a tour location, please refer back to your booking agent’s personal cell number. We provide direct contact so that you do not feel lost, confused, or unsure about the details of your tour. Please use this resource in order to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Contact Us Now to Schedule Your Dolphin Seafari


Are you feeling adventurous yet? Now is the perfect time to cross swimming with dolphins in crystal clear water off your bucket list! 


Give us a call at (850) 358-1013 or send an email to snorkelshellisland@gmail.com. You can also connect with our sea-loving team over on the Panama City Dolphin Seafari Tours Facebook page, where we share pictures, sneak peeks of the tour experience, and much more. 


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