Dolphin Tours in Panama City Beach

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Ready to go on a dolphin seafari? Now you can make your dream of swimming with the dolphins in crystal-clear waters come true! At Dolphin Seafari, we offer memorable dolphin tours for all ages. Book yours today!

Dolphin Experiences You’ll Never Forget!

We offer safe and fun dolphin experiences you’re sure to remember for years to come (with photos to show for it)! Our highly trained guides are experienced in spotting, observing, and interpreting dolphin’s behavior so you not only learn about dolphins but can interact with them in a safe environment.

We’ll take you to common dolphin hangouts so you can get a closer look!

Got questions? For more information, call us at: 850-252-7209

Image of dolphin with his head out of the water and he's looking up and smiling
Isolate photo of dolphin jumping out of the water

Swim with Friendly Bottlenose Dolphins

Swim with bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat right in Panama City Beach. Our boat tours take you to the Gulf of Mexico side of Shell Island so you can interact with these friendly swimmers in the warm, blue waters. We keep the boat at a safe distance and give you detailed instructions on when and how to swim with them safely.

Isolated photo image of seashells and starfish from Shell Island

Discover Shell Island Sea Life

There’s more to see than just dolphins in beautiful Shell Island. Once we have spent time with the dolphins, our guides will take you to the bayside to swim, snorkel, collect shells, and discover sea life. Our captains will even get into the water with you, showing you pufferfish, sand dollars, crabs, and starfish. You’ll get an educational overview of all these species and of the local ecosystem.

Photo of Dolphin that jumped out of the water. The photo is silhouetted

Great for All Ages

Our dolphin tours are guided snorkeling experiences suited to all skill levels! We do not have a minimum age requirement to go on our tours. Our captains are great with children of all ages and will help them find sea life, learn about dolphin behavior, and more. We strive to make sure the kids have a great time and feel safe!

Starfish on the beach

Dolphin Tour Options

Dolphin Seafari offers the best dolphin tours in Panama City Beach, Florida (just see our 5-star reviews)!

See our various private and non-private tour options below and book with us today!

Two dolphins jumping out of water at sunset

Open: Sunday – Saturday, 8am – 8pm

Dolphin Tours:
8:00 am and run every two hours
➤ 8am-10am
➤ 10:30-12:30
➤ 1pm-3pm
➤ 3:30pm-5:30pm, and
➤ 6pm-8pm (Sunset Tour)

Split Charter Dolphin & Snorkeling Tour


Join Another Group!

Ridin’ solo or visiting with a friend? With our split charter dolphin tours, you’ll ride along with other passengers and a trusty guide to swim with the dolphins and explore the Florida waters. We keep our group tours small to ensure the best experience for every passenger!

✓ Swim with Resident Wild Dolphins

✓ Suitable for All Ages

✓ Join Solo or with a Small Group

✓ 2-Hour Guided Tour

✓ Snorkel Around Shell Island

✓ Explore Diverse Sea Life

✓ Groups over 6 passengers will be split between boats, 6 per boat.

X Does NOT Include Walk on Shell Island

$60/passenger (including children of all ages)

PRIVATE Dolphin & Snorkeling Tour


Book a private dolphin tour for your group with our experienced guides. You’ll have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, snorkel around Shell Island, and learn more about our resident sea life. Our guides will be happy to give your group your own private tour of the Florida waters!

✓ Great for Small and Large Groups

✓ Multiple Boats Available (6 passengers max per boat)

✓ Swim with Bottlenose Dolphins

✓ Snorkel Around Shell Island

✓ Private Boat and Guide for Your Group

✓ Fun for All Ages

✓ No Experience Required

X Does NOT Include Walk on Shell Island

$325/per 6 passengers

Private Dolphin, Snorkel & Walking
on Shell Island


Explore Shell Island by water AND by foot with our combination snorkel, swim, and walking tour. This private tour includes 1 hour of swimming with dolphins, 1 hour of snorkeling, and 1 hour of walking on Shell Island. This is a private trip that’s reserved for just your group. You may also book multiple boats to accommodate an even larger group.

✓ Includes Walking on Shell Island

✓ Great for Small and Large Groups

✓ Multiple Boats Available (6 passengers max per boat)

✓ Swim with Wild Dolphins

✓ Snorkel Around Shell Island

✓ Private Boat & Guide for Your Group

✓ Fun for All Ages

✓ No Experience Required

$425/per 6 passengers

Book Your Dolphin Tour with Dolphin Seafari Today

Our Panama City Beach dolphin seafari tours are great for individuals and groups looking to explore Shell Island and create memorable dolphin experiences. Our crew is here to answer any questions you may have and make your visit a memorable one! Contact us to book your tour or inquire about large group rates.

Photo of 3 boys diving off side of Pontoon Boat and into the sea
Photo of dolphin floating along sider of boat
Photo of family on Shell Island
Image of Shell Island from aerial view

Make Memories!

What a great trip! My 4- and 6-year-olds loved it! Saw lots of dolphins and our captain went and found pufferfish, conch shells, and sea urchins for them to see and touch. – Andrew

FAQ – Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours

Learn more about our Shell Island dolphin tours, private snorkeling tours, and more! Below we answer common questions so you can come prepared to swim safely and have fun!

How old do you have to be to swim with the dolphins?

Our dolphin tours are suited to all ages and all skill levels! We do not have a minimum age requirement to go on our tours.

How do I book a private dolphin tour?

Want to book a private/group dolphin tour? Call us at 850-252-7209 to hear about shared and private tour details. Or book online at  BOOK NOW

How many people can I bring?

We have smaller boats available to book as a private trip for up to 6 passengers. For larger groups we can take multiple boats to accommodate up to 24 passengers. Give us a call to discuss your group size so we may suggest the best option for you.

What times are the dolphin tours?

Dolphin Seafari is happy to be open 7 days a week (weather permitting)!  Our tour times run Sunday to Saturday from 8am – 8pm.
➤ 8am-10am
➤ 10:30-12:30
➤ 1pm-3pm
➤ 3:30pm-5:30pm, and
➤ 6pm-8pm (Sunset Tour)

What should I bring on my dolphin tour?

We provide all necessary equipment. Customers will not need to rent snorkeling equipment from us. We provide, snorkels, masks, life-jackets, and a cooler stocked with ice and bottled water. Customers may bring their own snorkeling equipment if they desire as well as any snacks or drinks. No glass. We also have dry storage on each vessel, customers may bring a beach bag with towels and supplies.

Do we need to bring our own life jackets?

No. We will provide life vests for everyone, including children and infants.

Can we touch the dolphins?

No you cannot touch wild dolphins.  You are allowed to be in the water swimming with them as long as you do not pursue, harass, or touch them.  We have had instances when the dolphins come close to customers.  You must not touch the dolphins no matter how tempting it may be.  The captains will instruct you on how to safely and legally observe the wild dolphins.

What is your cancellation policy?

No refunds will be issued 24 hours before your tour time. You cannot cancel or reschedule your tour within the 24 hours. We are holding the boat for your group. Refunds will only be issued if the weather does not allow us to operate. We will not run your tour in lightning or bad weather.

Got questions? For more information, call us at: 850-252-7209

Image of dolphin at the side of a boat talking to the boat's captain
Image of woman's hand holding a starfish