Tour Information

Dolphin Seafari is a private charter and boat tour business offering guided snorkeling and swimming with wild dolphins in Panama City Beach Florida. Our captains are local, family-oriented individuals who strive to provide lasting memories for all visitors.

Below we have provided more information about our dolphin and snorkeling tours around Shell Island. If you would like to book a tour with us, please visit our Dolphin Seafari Tours page.

About Dolphin Seafari

At Dolphin Seafari, we take pride in our skilled efforts to locate bottlenose dolphins. Over the years of observing their natural behaviors, we are able to safely instruct our guests on how to enter the water with them and observe them in their natural habitat. The snorkeling portion of each tour is guided, so our captains snorkel alongside you to show you starfish, pufferfish, welch conchs, sand dollars, and various other types of sea life.

Our most common trips are a 2-hour dolphin and snorkeling charter and a 3-hour charter which allows you to swim with dolphins, snorkel for sea life, and walk along the beach at Shell Island. You may add as much time as you would like on any private charter to include additional activities or extra time on the water.


Once you have booked your dolphin/snorkeling tour, pontoon rental, or private charter, you will be provided with the exact details for where to meet the tour boat or pick up your rental. This location may vary depending on the tour. Most of our boat tours we take you on the Gulf of Mexico side of Shell Island and through the waters near Panama City Beach.

Tour Options

We provide multi-hour group and private dolphin/snorkeling tours, pontoon rentals, and private fishing charters. You have the choice of joining an existing group at a per-passenger rate, booking your own boat for a group rate, or captaining your own boat at a per-boat/group rate.

What’s Included

For our private and group dolphin tours, we provide a licensed captain, life jackets, masks, snorkels, and drinking water. For our private fishing charters and pontoon rentals, we provide safety gear, a ladder, fuel, and life jackets.

What to Bring

We always recommend bringing additional items like sunscreen, sunglasses, extra water, and snacks. For your pontoon rental, you may also want to bring floaties, etc. so you can swim in the water.

Age Restrictions

Tours: We do not have a minimum age requirement to go on our tours. We regularly take infants up to adults on a daily basis. Our captains are great with children of all ages and will help them find sea life and accommodate them in any way possible. We strive to make sure the kids have a great time and feel safe.

Pontoon Rentals: Anyone over the age of 18 years old is able to rent a pontoon boat. Florida Law requires vessel operators who were born after January 1, 1988, to provide a boaters license or complete an online temporary boaters safety course. We will send you the website to take the test prior to your arrival to eliminate any delays on the day of your reservation.

Refund / Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be issued 24 hours before your tour time. You cannot cancel or reschedule your tour within the 24 hours. Refunds will only be issued if the weather does not allow us to operate.

Got questions? For more information, call us at: 850-252-7209
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