Weather – Shell Island

If you are lucky enough to get the chance to visit Shell Island in Panama City Beach, then you’ll certainly be hoping for warm, sun-shiny weather. But Florida is sometimes susceptible to storms, rain, and high winds, so it’s best to be prepared.

See our Weather Cast below to check the weather near Shell Island in preparation for your dolphin seafari!

Icons of various

Our reservationists are skilled in the local conditions and stay up to date with the current and upcoming forecasts. 

We take pride in going the extra mile to guarantee you book your trip with us during the most promising weather conditions.

If the forecast happens to change quickly, we stay in contact with you to reschedule or offer a refund for another time.

Weather Cast 

Best Weather to See Dolphins

Dolphins are in Panama City Beach year-round, though many are migratory. They are most often seen from May to October when the water is warmer. You will have the best visibility on clear days and are most likely to enjoy your tour during warm and sunny weather.

Tour Precaution

At Dolphin Seafari, the safety of our customers is our top priority. That’s why we are discerning when it comes to when we operate our tours. We do not operate during unsafe conditions or when visibility may hinder the full swim-with-dolphins experience.

We may cancel a tour due to inclement weather. In this case, we will offer a full refund to our customers. If you have any questions regarding whether your tour is canceled or still in operation, please contact us.

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